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“raw and natural manuka honey"

Pure New Zealand Honey from the Bay of Islands

Our Mānuka honey is unique in that our hives are situated in and around the beautiful Bay of Islands, on both Islands in the Bay and the main land, with several of our apiaries only accessible by boat.

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Mānuka Honey

Mānuka honey is recognised for its unique health properties of antiviral and anti-bacterial non-peroxide activity (NPA). NPA is calculated based on the concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO) in the honey.

MGO is a naturally occurring compound in honey that has a direct correlation to the NPA level of Mānuka Honey. Therefore the MGO concentration level in Mānuka honey relates to its strength and potency, and is an accurate and reliable measure of the anti–bacterial effect. The higher the level of MGO, the greater the health benefit and anti-bacterial properties.

Mānuka Honey is also uniquely delicious! The honey is usually a little darker in colour, but there can be variance in the colour. It has a thicker more concentrated consistency in texture than other honeys, with a distinct flavour, that is of medium sweetness.

Our Honey

  • Produced with Love in our small, family run operation
  • Our hives are in and around the beautiful Bay of Islands, NZ
  • Is extracted and packed in our own Certified Facility
  • Is fully traceable from the apiary to the jar
  • Complies with MPI standard for testing Tutin residue in honey
  • Is 100% pure raw honey that is unpasteurised
  • Is tested in a Certified Laboratory

Our Unique Hive Locations

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